About the project

The Regional Voices project supports regional outlets and civil society organizations, assisting Internally Displaced People (IDP) in Ukraine.

We offer a wide range of mediated, direct in-field production assistance to regional media: print, online, broadcast and radio workshops. Also, we encourage inter-regional cooperation among journalists through mentoring sessions. We organize editorial forums to ensure sustainability and encourage cooperation. 

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Also, we aim at strengthening inter-regional cooperation between journalists and CSOs as a source of news and as critical interlocutors in mitigating consequences of the conflict. At our advocacy workshops we network the CSO and the messengers (regional media) to practice their message delivery techniques in a non-pressured, mentored environment. Such training helps both the CSO and media to get to grips with each other’s needs, discover how to present their issues and learn what will engage the public as a strong story, ultimately generating debate and presenting factual content to help combat hearsay and propaganda. 

In the long run, the created network of regional journalists and produced stories will serve as a basis for linking Ukraine’s regional media to EU countries’ newsrooms directly. 

The Regional Voices project is funded by the European Union. It is implemented by the media consortium of five organisations: Thomson Foundation, Institute for Regional Media and Information, European Journalism Centre, MEMO 98 and Association Spilnyi Prostir.



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