Online journalists in Zaporizhzhia region


1. Assistance for the Displaced in Zaporizhzhia: experience exchange, AkulaMedia, Viktoria Rumyantseva, 18 Aug, 2016

2. Binding: Women Version, Kirovograd24, Iryna Tkacheno, 10 August, 2016 

3. At the Crossroads, Cherkasy Today by Liliya Lomakina, 27 July, 2016.

4. Modules didn’t match. Women ZP, Marichka Kantseleryst, 25 Jul, 2016

5. The Seriousness of dolls with funny faces (IDP from Horlivka turned a hobby into a successful business, the Regional Voices participants contribute to its promotion online) by Igor Korovin, Obrii Izumschyny newspaper

6. Big ideas for small towns (a series of stories from the displaced) by Iryna Tkachenko, 24 News website, Kirovograd

7. Renovated dormitory, but still empty by Anastasiya Shevchenko, Zaporizhzhia Pravda newspaper, Zaporizhzhia (critical assessment of local bureaucracy, preventing IDPs to move in the renovated hostel (UNDP/EU project))

8. IDIOCRACY: Accommodation for displaced -  dashed hopes for the state assistance by Hrygoriy Kulbaka, Visti newspaper, Slovyansk, Donetsk region (comparison of housing solutions for IDPs in Slovyansk, Novomykolayivka and Zaporizhzhia)

9. Abandoned elderly by Bohdana Komarnytska, Briz online news, Ivano-Frankivsk

10. Horse in the fog by Tetyana Kotashevska, Maximum News portal, Kharkiv region (a story about psychological rehabilitation of former soldiers and IDPs with horseriding)

11. Two parallel realities of one city by Iryna Shatalova, Online Channel Displaced,  Kyiv (strong piece on temporary camp for IDPs as a burden to integration into the local community)

12. Caritas. Zaporizhzhia. Story of Reinforcement by Victoria Salogub, Grechka news portal, Kirovograd

13. Story of (no)opportunities: in search of a job by Dariya Hots, Radio Misto nad Bugom, Vinnytsia.


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