Cutting through misinformation and reporting on vulnerable groups
With our Ukrainian partners, NAM & International Alert, we’ve developed an online course which will help you navigate the misinformation of the Covid-19 pandemic and help you to understand how your reporting affects vulnerable groups.
Report only reliable information when covering the COVID-19 pandemic
Create quality pieces when covering the COVID-19 pandemic
Stay safe when covering the COVID-19 pandemic
MoJo for journalists workshop announcement: deadline 16 February
Journalists learn filming on smartphones
Apply for funding! Being 20: Young Activists
Everyone can become MoJo journalist
Widening Wavelengths - learning and exchange for Ukrainian and German radio
Widening Wavelengths - learning and exchange for Ukrainian and German radio
«Widening Wavelengths»: тренінги та програми обміну для українських і німецьких радіо журналістів
«Widening Wavelengths»: тренінги та програми обміну для українських і німецьких радіо журналістів
Young Journalist of the year
How IDPs from Donbas lend a hand to communities in Kharkiv region
I have my rights, but I don’t want to fight
Gift with problems
Funding Opportunity to Produce “Being 20” TV and Video Stories
3 years later… How IDPs from Mariupol sector live in a big city (photo + video)
Mariupol students stopped being resettlers
There is nothing more permanent than... the "temporary"
Who wants to find a job – he finds it
Ми маємо купу упереджень одне до одного, але вони розвіюються, коли ми спілкуємося, — отець Тихон Кульбака (інтерв’ю)
Special report. IDPs. Kharkiv
Special report. ATO fighters. Kharkiv
We all have the same reason – the war
Poltva region for IDPs - temporary asylum, or second home
Social Camp for SCOs: Advancing Communication Practices and Building Alliances
Within three years of war 2 thousand elderly people from the ATO area transported by volunteers. IA "Vchasno"
Video: an ATO soldier saved from amputation using biotechnologies not recognized in Ukraine. IA "Vchasno"
Launch of e-courses on media management and audience research
Visa-Free for all: can the displaced travel to Europe like others
Do you want to increase your audience and diversify income streams?
Going to interview IDP soon? Check out RV hands-on advice
Advanced Production Workshop for Broadcast Media, deadline 20 March
Final Regional Voices Production Workshop takes place in Lutsk
IDPs coverage discussion at Hromadske Radio
More Profound Discussion Lacking in the Coverage of the Displaced in Ukraine
Mobile journalism competition 2017: The search is on for the next mojo star
Online and Mobile Tools in Storytelling: deadline 12 February
Concluding Forum for Editors on 13-14 February, deadline - 5 February
Call for applications: How to Create Videos for Social Media, deadline Thursday, 26 January
Inter- regional mentoring session in Sumy, deadline: January 17
Тренінг для онлайн-журналістів: створюємо власний лонг-рід
Who are the displaced people in Ukraine?
Coverage of the Displaced Decreases in Quantity, but Increases in Quality
Inter-regional mentoring session for TV journalists in December: deadline 22 Nov
Digital tools in story telling for online content: deadline 10 November
Do not stand still, and move forward - credo of IDPs in Odessa
To go throuh the situation, suffered by IDPs in Ukraine, is difficult for most of people
Human stories – the effective way of showing the continuing crisis of Ukraine’s internally displaced
Open Call: Effective Communications Workshop for CSOs
Regional Voices invites journalists to apply for a workshop on conflict-sensitive reporting
Special needs of Ukrainian IDPs are in the focus of journalists
Journalists from all over Ukraine met IDPs, starting their life anew in Zaporizhzhia
Regional Voices Study Tour to Brussels – apply by 16th October
Ефективні комунікації для ГО. Інновації без «секретів» - заявки приймаються до 4-го жовтня
Production workshop for journalists - IDPs
Two last broadcast workshops: deadline 12 September
Editorial Forum on Multimedia. Story of Displaced is not Going Away: Cyprus Case
Call for Applications: Communications Trainings for CSOs – Deadline: 20 August
Thomson Foundation launches search for the best 'Young Journalist' 2016
Content editor/web administrator vacancy
Authorities Remain Unquestioned in Coverage of the Displaced
How Radio Can Work in Digital Age: deadline 30 June, Digital tools in story telling: deadline 5 July.
Тренінг з ефективних комунікацій: заявки приймаються до 1-го липня
Editorial forum: How to stay and grow in the media market, deadline 26 June
Problems in the coverage of IDP persist in Ukraine
Our new promotion video is ready
​Production workshop for print and online media – deadline 13 May
Тренінг для журналістів ТБ та новинних онлайн медіа – заявки приймаються до 3 квітня
Комунікаційні тренінги для громадських організацій: заявки приймаються до 31-го березня
Media invited for production sessions. Two regions, two journalists – one story
Thomson builds capacity of Ukrainian TV to reflect on IDPs reality
Media Literacy Training for CSOs assisting IDPs: deadline 22 February
Regional Media Editorial Exchange Forum: deadline 19 February
TV Journalists Call for Applications: Stories Production in Real Time