Video: an ATO soldier saved from amputation using biotechnologies not recognized in Ukraine. IA "Vchasno"

After six fruitless surgeries at public hospitals, doctors wanted to remove an ATO veteran Petro Oleksiuk’s foot.

ATO veteran Petro Oleksiuk

Petro Oleksiuk, a 24-year-old student of physics hailing from the Zhytomyr Oblast, has volunteered for combat, and this past May, while on a combat mission, he stepped on a Russian-made landmine. The soldier’s foot has been almost torn off by the explosion, Vchasno news agency reports. 

The soldier underwent six fruitless surgeries at public hospitals, and after that, the lad was told at Kyiv Military Hospital that he needs amputation. But volunteers and Petro’s friends have literally snatched him off the operating table, and brought him to a private clinic in Kyiv which uses the latest biotechnologies to grow bones and rehabilitate patients after serious injuries.

At first, the clinic’s surgeons gave 50% that Petro’s foot could be saved. Today, after four surgeries, amputation is no longer on the agenda, and in a year and a half, the lad will be able to walk as before.

Funds for rehabilitation of ATO veterans using biotechnologies are raised by Peoplesproject volunteers. To learn more about this project and how the wounded soldiers are treated, visit:

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