Funding Opportunity to Produce “Being 20” TV and Video Stories

The Open Media Hub is launching today a Call for Expression of Interest for Production Support, a scheme to enable TV and online video journalists in the European Neighbourhood to create contents related to the European Union and their respective countries’ relations with the European Union. The scheme is now open in the east for Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, and in the south for Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia.  

Besides financial support, media professionals will benefit from practical guidance to produce these stories, as well as to disseminate contents at an appropriate quality level. This entire programme aims at delivering greater public awareness of the actions and impact of the European Neighbourhood Policy and strengthening domestic and local audience interest in EU issues; it also seeks to increase the amount of analytic, in-depth quality programming.  

"Being 20" Concept:  

Please have a look at our website to see examples of stories already produced:

Requirements for stories:

  • In a 1'30" up to 1’45’’ edited story:
  • Choose a character (a 20-year-old or thereabouts youth) it can also be self-authored by the journalist
  • Choose a meaningful location for the interview or an event, a gathering
  • Tell their story, their aspirations, their dreams, their successes, their passions
  • You may choose to ask questions in different locations or during an event allowing 30 seconds for each sequence, choosing each time, a different angle, framing, or movement travelling shot. You may also choose to take one theme and look at various aspects of a given question;
  • Allow a 20 seconds’ intro situating your country and town as if you were addressing someone who had never been there; 

Example of questions to be answered:  

  • Being 20 years old (or thereabouts) in your country: what does it mean?
  • Tells us who s/he is and what is it to be 20 in your country;
  • Ask your interviewee what is that s/he thinks define her/him the most?
  • What is the world around her/him like?  (choose a location and explain why?)
  • How does s/he apprehend the challenges to come? In her/his professional/ personal life?
  • Who are her/his major influences, politically, culturally…?
  • What defines her/his generation in your country?
  • Past or present?
  • Hopes for the future? 
  • Why is s/he who s/he is today?
  • What are the landmarks that s/he holds dear?
  • Who are the people that matter to her/him most?
  • What does the EU mean for her/him?

Application and Eligibility

All applicants must pitch their story and fill in the online application form (Français, English, Arabic, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Armenian) with the required details.

If selected, applicants agree to submit all the required documents, including contract, letter of intent, intended budget, waivers and risk assessments together. Templates are available for download on Applicants need to demonstrate that they are duly authorised by the legal entity to produce and to publish their story by producing a letter of intent from an authorised representative. This letter must state an eligible media outlet’s intention to broadcast or publish the eventual production, including an indication of the date(s) and context(s) of the planned broadcast or publication.  

Eligible applicants are:

•          News organisations (e.g., TV stations, online news companies);

•          Journalistic organisations (e.g., associations, foundations) if they can demonstrate a publication commitment from a media outlet;

•          Audio-visual production companies;

•          Journalists acting on behalf of any of the above.

•          Freelance journalists.    

Exception: Open Media Hub may decide, on a case by case basis, that individual journalists or television producers are eligible without legal entity backing or endorsement. Similarly, will relevant applications from bloggers, bloggers and citizen-journalists be considered if they can demonstrate a track record of significant audience reach on their platforms.  


The amount of support will always take the topic, media outlet, and country into account and be proportionate to the typical prices and rates in your country.

The average disbursement for

  • A piece up to 1:30 to 1:45 minutes: €350-€800; 

Deadline for submission

29 September 2017 – 21 h 00 CET  

Award decision: 1 November 2017  

Production support agreements shall be issued and signed by 1 December 2017.

A detailed FAQ (frequently asked questions) can be found here:

Any questions, please write to:


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