Cutting through misinformation and reporting on vulnerable groups

Journalism is a profession that cannot be paused, because people need new, truthful and balanced information every day, especially during a pandemic. With the ongoing current COVID-19 pandemic, Thomson Media together with the National association of media (NAM) and International Alert have developed a two-hour online course that might serve as a refresher for some and/ or as a helpful tool for others to learn how to cover the pandemic in a more professional and accurate manner. It’s free and it will only take you two hours to complete.

The course will be followed by a web seminar on 15 December 2020 which will offer deeper insights into the matter and offer the chance to exchange views with experts such as Diana Dutsyk, Executive Director of the Ukrainian Institute of Media and Communication, Oksana Panasivska, Head of the NAM Production Department or psychologist Alyona Lukyanchuk. 

Seats are limited so make sure to register for the course and apply for the web seminar until 13 December 2020.  

To access the courses, please follow the links below:

For Ukrainian: 

For Russian:

This project is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.


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