Everyone can become MoJo journalist

“When I worked at a local TV station, I used to have colleagues professionals, helping me with equipment set up, filming and editing. At the beginning of a workshop on mobile journalism (MoJo) I realised how challenging it was to be a video operator,“ – shares MoJo participant Kateryna Barabolya from the Mariupol Youth Association.

"In the middle of the training, when I had to combine journalist, operator and editor’s skills, my mind was blown, hands shaking and my phone’s memory was full with footage. But on the last day of the workshop, while I was finishing the editing of my peacebuilding thematic video, I concluded that anyone could become a MoJo journalist. Some may master it faster, some might need a bit more time.”

Upon her return to Mariupol in the conflict-affected eastern Ukraine, Kateryna plans to film a motivational video for youth to become more involved in local politics and city management, especially given wider opportunities provided by the ongoing decentralisation reform.

The four-day MoJo training for civil society activists took place in Kyiv on 9-12 July 2019, in a framework of the project called “Reweaving the Ukrainian social fabric: supporting community-led peacebuilding and advocacy”, financed by the European Union and implemented by the International Alert and Thomson Media.

Thomson’s leading MoJo trainer Deborah Kelly and the Kyiv-based videographer Oleksander Nazarov taught key storytelling concepts, photography composition, filming and editing skills for smartphones. The workshop was conducted in a small group to ensure participants had enough time and trainers’ individual support to become confident in video storytelling. Representatives of the Child’s Smile from Zaporizhzhia, ACCA Association of Civil Initiatives from Kharkiv, Equal Opportunities from Dnipro, School of Civic Responsibility and Mariupol Youth Association attended. Trainees put their knowledge to practice right away on the third day of the workshop, when they filmed ATO veterans (combatants of the formerly known anti-terrorist operation) running a Pizzeria restaurant and pizza delivery service united under the Veterano brand. Their stories are ready for distribution in social media and can be found here.  

Kyiv workshop opened a series of MoJo trainings planned for civil society members in Ukraine to empower them with the knowledge and skills for sharing results of their peace-building initiatives through video storytelling. 

For more information contact Thomson project coordinator Olena Sadovnik at olenkas@thomsonfoundation.org

Reweaving the Ukrainian social fabric: supporting community-led peacebuilding and advocacy

This project will increase the resilience of Ukrainian society to the impacts of conflict and social tensions, and strengthen its capacity to mitigate against future conflict risks. It will do this by building the capacity of an informal network of diverse, grassroots civil society organisations (CSOs) from different areas of the country to generate robust local conflict analyses. The CSOs will then work alongside local authorities to identify existing problems and develop peacebuilding priorities and solutions, with the CSOs and local authorities each informing the work of the other.
The project partner, the media organisation the Thomson Foundation, will provide communications and production skills to the CSOs and the media outlets to support these various aims.


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