Thomson builds capacity of Ukrainian TV to reflect on IDPs reality

The fact that Ukraine hosts over 1.5 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) uprooted by the conflict in eastern Ukraine and Crimea is largely overlooked by the western media. Thomson and Hromadske TV take on innovative documentary approach to effectively tell IDPs stories to wider audiences. The project is financed by the European Union.

For a month Thomson Foundation has been mentoring Hromadske TV on documentary production about people who were forced to live their homes and now start their lives anew in the country’s capital. This initiative is part of the Regional Voices project funded by the European Union.

During four-week consultancy Hromadske team went through theory and practice of documentaries with the Thomson’s long term consultant, David Hands.

“As documentary filmmakers it’s very important to recognise, that IDPs who went through traumatic experience recently, are comfortable telling their story in front of a camera”, says David Hands. Kyiv alone hosts over 130 thousands IDPs.

“After meeting our three main characters we knew that they have different stories to tell. We decided on telling their parallel stories by filming them in three distinctive documentary styles which suite their stories: participatory, observatory and self-filming. Also, by this, we wanted to amplify that in spite of finding themselves in the similar situation, everyone’s challenges, fears, and hopes are unique.”

Hromadske producer, Angelina Kariakina, noted that their journalists are full of ideas, but when it comes to a scenario and post-production, Thomson Foundation expertise in covering sensitive issues and conflict consequences is very reassuring.

The second round of consultancy will take place in May. Afterwards, with the Foundation’s support, Hromadske will market it to the EU based broadcasters.

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