Widening Wavelengths - learning and exchange for Ukrainian and German radio

We invite you to propose a new format idea that you will further develop during a workshop in Kyiv with an international expert as well as during a week-long exchange with German radio partners in Berlin.

We are looking for creative ideas from the fields of current affairs, culture, entertainment, science and social issues that appeal to target audiences by treating issues of people’s interests and concerns in a new way.

The programme will consist of two activities:

1. Workshop in Kyiv– from 26 – 29 September 2018 with radio expert Derek Ivens. You will be engaged in new digital production methods and techniques that you can apply to your format idea.

2. Exchange to Berlin – mid-/end-November 2018. You will spend five days with selected German radio producers respectively podcasters to get an insight into their working structures and to prepare your programme ideas for publication. The exchange will help to build your international network and learn about the German radio system.

Thomson Media gGmbH will cover the costs in relation to the above-mentioned activities.

We invite radio stations from all sectors – private, public service, community and web radios - as well as podcasts to apply! 


All applicants must demonstrate that they are duly authorised by the legal entity backing them, and by producing a letter of intent from an authorised representative. This letter must state an eligible media outlet’s intention to broadcast or publish the eventual production, including an indication of the date(s) and context(s) of the planned broadcast or publication. Thomson Media will provide a template for the letter of intent.

Eligible applicants are:

  • Private radio stations
  • Public-service broadcasters (radio)
  • Web radios
  • Community radio stations
  • Individual, freelance podcasters having established a podcast and following journalistic principles and standards  

Important note: Applicants are allowed to nominate two staff to take part in the programme, a reporter and an editor (for podcasts: co-author/-producer or technical assistant) who would produce the programme idea. Individual applications are only accepted from freelance podcasters.


All the required documents must be submitted together with the filled-in online form. If selected to take part in the programme, applicants will submit the letter of intent.

Your application must include:

i. A creative idea for a new format or programme (radio or podcast) from the fields of current affairs, culture, entertainment, science and social issueswhich will be implemented in the project with the support of German radio journalists and experts

ii. A letter of motivation to be written both in Ukrainian and English

iii. A short analysis of the most urgent needs of local radio journalists

iv. Nomination of a team consisting of an editor and a reporter who will participate in both the workshop and the exchange (individual applications are welcome from small radio operations and podcasters)

Deadline for submission: 3 September 2018, 21:00 CET. Please apply here

Final decision: 17 September 2018

The final selection shall be made as soon as possible, but no later than 17 September 2018. Our jury consists of our international trainer, German partners as well as representatives from the Federal German Foreign Office and from the German Embassy in Kyiv. 

For any help, please, email: Vira Tubaltseva at virat@thomsonfoundation.org


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