Brussels videos with English subtitles

These videos were produced by Ukrainian journalists - participants of the study tour to Brussels (Belgium) in November 2016, organized by the Thomson Foundation, as a part of the Regional Voices project, financed by the EU. Videos combine mobile and professional cameras footage.

Step by step - towards Europe!


The story by Andrei Romanenko about the prospects of Ukraine-EU relations

Андрій Романенко

Mykola Tochytskyi, Donald Tusk and other experts - about EU-Ukraine relations

Юлія Шматченко

Does Europe need Ukraine?

Olga Kitik

Grygoriy Kulbacka - about the prospects of EU-Ukraine relations

Григорій Кульбака

Situation in Crimea was again discussed at the international level

Олександра Чепурна

The dispute between the EU and Ukraine on gas transit

Larysa Belozerova

Story about Ukraine-EU relations by Oksana Konovets

Оксана Коновець

France, Syria, Turkey and visa-free regime for Ukraine

Viktoriia Talashkevych

Story by Iryna Shatalova from Brussels

Ірина Шаталова

What do Europeans know about Ukraine?

Маргарита Стронська

Story about Ukraine-EU relations by Anna Semenuyk

Анна Семенюк

EU visa-free regime for Ukraine

Anatoliy Mishyn

Are they ready for Ukraine to be a part of the EU?

Галина Горешняк

Ukraine wants to become a part of the EU

Ірина Федоляк

Another round of the Ukrainian visa free regime talks took place in Europe

Ксенія Шостацька