First MoJo videos by civil activists in Kharkiv, 17 - 20 September 2019

These videos were filmed and edited by civil society activists in a framework of the project called "Reweaving the Ukrainian social fabric: supporting community-led peacebuilding and advocacy" financed by the European Union and implemented by the International Alert and Thomson Media. Most of the participants filmed and edited for the first time. They did very well, check out their videos below.


by Tetyana Kamak

Переселенці створили ферму "Святогірська коза"

By Alyona Fedorova

У кожного своя війна

by Ihor Honimar

Кохання, створене богом і війною

by Oleg Litvinenko

Соціально важливий бізнес. Твердохліб Д. В.

Автор: Дмитро Твердохліб