Short Videos for Social Media

These videos about displaced people have been produced by the Regional Voices project participants in Zaporizhzhia region through 26 - 30 Sep., 2016. The project is funded by the European Union, the workshop was organized by the Thomson Foundation and international Institute for Regional Media and Information (IRMI). You may download rushes from these locations in the Hub section and use them for the post-production royalty free.

Katia Strelchuk FB

Kateryna Strelchuk

Natalia Selyukova FB

Наталя Селюкова

Margarita Korobova FB

Marharyta Korobova

Kseniia Stostatska FB

Ксенія Шостацька

Irya Voitsihovsky FB

Iryna Voitsikhovska

Anna Dushkova FB

Анна Душкова