A collection of articles from 2015-2016 by Regional Voices journalists

Published Articles after 

Production Workshops

1.1.1 (a) Workshop for ex-and current Donbass and Crimea journalists (2-6 Nov., 2015 Kharkiv), 14 participants.

1. From tax officer to tattoo master: IDP won a grant for opening tattoo salon, Delovoy Slavyansk, 6 Nov. 2015

2.  We ran aimlessly: what challenges face IDPs, while renovating documents, by Kseniya Shostatskaya, Delovoy Slavyansk, 10 Nov 2015

3.  The Unemployment Forced IDPs to Start up Business, Yuliya Shmatchenko, Slobidskyi Krayi, 10 Nov 2015.

4.  Forced in Barvinkovo, Hanna Sokolova, Hromadske TV, 5 Nov. 2015

5.  Hand for settling IDPs’ new life, www.06239.com, 8 Nov. 2015

6.  IDPs’ Confessions, Oleksandr Oleynik, Donbass Newspaper 15 Nov. 2015

7.  Journalists learned how to hear IDPs voices from Donbas, Marina Pukhir, Znamya Industrii, 10 Nov. 2015

8.  IDPs: how to survive far from city, Natasha Ryabtseva, Krapka, 9 Nov. 2015

9.  Aliens who became of Own Kind, Yulia Shmatchenko, Slobidskyi Kray Newspaper, hard copy, 14 Nov. 2015.

10.    Settling here, no way for return, Vikroriya Gulko, Pivdenna Zaliznytsia, 2 Dec., 2015

11.    IDPs: Kharkiv dimension, Mariya Yeranosyan, Vostochnyi Forvater, 16 Nov. 2015


1.1.1   (b) Workshop in Kherson (23-27 Nov., 2015), 11 participants

1.  Point of no return: IDPs as litmus test of the future of Ukraine, Oleksandr Vivcharyk, Procherk, 7 Dec. 2015

2.  Priest Viktor and his volunteering, Tetyana Bokotska, BezTabu, 5 Dec. 2015

3.  This is not a fiction: IDPs stories, Tetyana Bokotska, V Nikolayve Radio ()unfortunately the link is not active anymore).  

4.  Journey with fellow countrymen - IDPs from Donbas in Kherson region, Irina Galanina, Znamya Industrii, 15 Dec. 2015

5.  Internal migration discrimination: Reality or Myth? By Vita Kopenko, Chervonyi Promin’, 12 Dec. 2015.

6.  We trust – not everything is lost, Lubov Rudya, Silski Novyny, 20 Dec., 2015


1.1.1    (c) Workshop for Ex-Donbass and Crimea journalists, Dnipro (18-22 Jan., 2016), 14 participants

1.  IDPs received their ‘fishing rods’, Marina Pukhir, Znamya Industrii, 24 Jan., 2016

2.  Place where myths about IDPs are dispelled, Shkvarki.org,  Alina Kondratieva, 24 Jan., 2016

3.  IDPs are not yoke on the neck, but a driving force of the region, Elena Yermolenko, Znamya Industrii, 25 Jan. 2016.

4.  When you face the past, future remains behind your back, Marichka Kantselyaryst, Woman.zp.ua,  23 Jan. 2016

5.  Forced Displaced Pavel and Antonina – Education is soul matter, Znamia Industrii, Elena Elenina, 24 Jan 2016.

6.  Displaced People Became Books, by Khrystyna Tymofiichuk for newspaper Bukovynski Visnyk, 23 Jan., 2016

7.  Strong are those who don’t give in, by Yuriy Godovan, Shkvarki, 2 February, 2016.

8.    How is it to be an IDP without a status?, by Tetyana Tykhonchyk, Luhanskoye Zemliachestvo, 25 Jan., 2016

9.    IDPs is the driving force able to change Ukraine for better, by Oleksandra Mastakova, www.shkvarki.org, 25 Jan., 2016

10.  Behaviour Model for Others, by Yuriy Kovalenko, Tak TV Mykolayiv, 24 Jan., 2016.

11.  One may sit and cry, while someone takes charge and acts, by Ludmyla Maslova, Zarya newspaper, 26 Jan., 2016

12.  Forced displaced: to hear, understand and assist, by Natalya Lutsenko, Silskiy Visnyk, communal newspaper, 27 Jan., 2016.

13.  Life Anew, by Victor Ozhogin, Dnipro NTKU TV, Commission of Journalistic Ethics, 23 Jan., 2016.

14.  Antonina and Pavel Demyanko: “We want to encourage our children in their studies”, by Mariya Pyatnytsia, Zapadnyi Donbas, Pavlograd, 25 Jan., 2016.

15.  Luhansk women in Dnipro, by Nataliya Verbetskaya, Telegazeta, Starobilsk, Luhansk region, 24 Jan.  2016.


1.1.2 (a) Workshop for broadcast journalists (9-13 Nov., 2015, Kharkiv), 13 participants

1.  Life of Kustovyh IDP Family, Anastasiya Burilenko, Odessa ODTRK, 3.33 min, 15 Nov., 2015

2.  New life of IDPs in Kharkiv region, Nataliya Boiinova, Lugans Television - LOT, 3.51 min, 18 Nov., 2015

3.  From the start: IDPs live in Kharkiv region, Rima Zabolotna, Espresso TV, 3.32 min, 17 Nov., 2015

4.  How IDPs Survive in Depressive Regions, Igor Izotov, Poltava ODTRK, 2.39 min,15 Nov., 2015

5.  Life Started from a new page, Yevheniya Gokova (Baboshko), Objectiv TV, 6 min, 14 Nov., 2015

6.  Pankovy Family: IDPs start their Life anew, Yuliya Burnatseva, TNV Vinnytsia TV, 18 Nov. 2015


1.1.2     (b) Workshop for broadcast journalists (16-20 Nov., 2015) in Lviv, 13 participants.

2.  IDPs in Lviv: in anticipation of happiness, Viktoria Talashkevych, Kirovohrad office of National TV Company of Ukraine, 3.12 min, 26 Nov., 2015

3.  Ways to reconciliation bwtween IDDPs and local in Lviv, Anastasiya Poleshko, Zaporizhia TV, 3.04 min, 01 Dec., 2015

4.  Crimean IDPs apply for government sponsored flat, Kostyantyn Andreev, MTM Zaporizhzhia Chanel, 3.00 min, 29 Nov. 2015

5.  IDPs in Lviv region: how do they live, what challenges face and how to improve their situation?, Tatyana Dovgan, Doba Chanel Vinnytsia, 4.04 min, 25 Nov., 2015

6.  Life of IDP family of Jamal Jankhirov from Crimea, Viktor Papko, Volyn’ Regional TV, 4.32 min., 14 Dec. 2015

7.  Story about Lviv tolerance, Irina Shevchenko, Kharkiv Regional TV, 4.38 min, 27 Nov., 2015

8.  West and East together: How IDPs live in Lviv region, Mykhailo Kuzmych, Volyn ODTRK, 5.35 min, 10 Dec. 2015



1.1.2     (d) Production Workshop in Kyiv, 15-19 February

2.  Life from the start, by Tatiana Goncharenko, for 061 – Zaporozhie 4.34 min., 19 February, 2016

3.  Kyiv chronicles about IDPs, by Iryna Voitsikhovska, Odessa Branch of UA:First, 20 Feb., 2016

1.1.2     (d) Broadcast Production Workshop in Chernivtsi, 18-22 April, 13 participants

2.  How IDPs in Bukovyna live? By Olha Luchek, TRK Bukovyna, 4.22 min., 27 April, 2016.

3.  How settlers do live in Bukovina: Crimean IDPs created the first solar power plant, by Oksana Kovalchuk, for «Molodyi Bukovynets”, 5.15 min., 10 May 2016

4.  IDPs from Crimea offer solar energy for street lantern, by Olena Liposhko, Hromadske Kremenchuk, 3.04 min., 27 April, 2016

5.  Mariupol IDP in Chernivtsi makes unique soap with garlic and salo aroma – by Olena Liposhko, Visnyk Kremenchuka, 27 April 2016

6.  New Life at new Place, by Svitlana Rusina, Podillya - Tsentr, 3.48 min., 26April 2016.

7.  They lost everything, but managed to get back on their feet, Iryna Shevchuk, Chernivetskyi Promin’, 3.06 min., 26 April 2016.

8.  IDPs’ life in Bukovyna region, Iryna Shatalova, Pereselenets TV, 5.15 min., 5###sup/sup### May, 2016.

9.  IDPs from Donbas and Crimea have set up their successful business without state support, by Alyona Loboda, Poltava News, 4.02 min., 10 May, 2016.

10.   In Bukovyna region there are less then 10 times IDPs’, then in Poltava, by  Anatoliy Mishyn for LTAVA TV (starting with 17###sup/sup### minute), in total 3,40 min, 12 June, 2016.


1.1.2 (f)  Broadcast Production Workshop in Ivano-Frankivsk, 25 – 29 April – 11 participants


1.  How IDPs from Donbass live in Frankivsk region, Olha Blonska,  Zakarpattia Branch, NTKU, Tysa-1, 17 May, 2016

2.  The Best Magician is Inside Us, by Irina Shevchenko, Kharkiv OTB, 6 May, 2016

3.  Life of IDPs from Donbass in Western Ukraine, by Irina Ivanova, Kirovohrad Regional Television, 5.15 min., 06 May, 2016

4.  Lack of flats as the biggest problem for IDPs, by Sergiy Murenets, for Akula-Media, 5.44 min., 09 May, 2016

5.  Lack of flats as the biggest problem for IDPs, by Sergiy Murenets, for web-site DEPO-kr, 5.44 min., 09 May, 2016

6.  Life of IDPs, escaping war, by Pavel Ivanov, Kirovohrad Regional Television, 5.17 min., 06 May, 2016

7.  How government and community help immigrants start a new life in the Carpathian region, by Valeriy Lebed for Gre4ka, 3.23 min, on 4###sup/sup### of May 2016


1.1.2     (g)  Field Broadcast production in Vinnytsia, 14-18 June, 2016 – 9 participants

1.  Displaced by war. Donetsk IDPs in Vinnytsia, by Valeriia Turok for Zakarpattya NTKU, 4.05 min., 22 June 2016

2.  Good start is a pledge of success, by Yulia Petryshyna, for Vintera TV, 03.12 min., 22 June 2016

3.  IDPs: Vinnytsia experience for Kremenchuk, by Olena Liposhko for Hromadske Kremenchuk, 4.54 min., 22 June 2016

4.  Displaced in Vinnytsia start their own enterprises, by Maryna Gurianova for Cherkasy.Today, 3.50 min., 8 Jul., 2016

5.  Why IDPs do not plan on leaving Vinnytsia, by Tetyana Dovgan’ for TV Doba, 4.37 min., 2 Jul., 2016


1.1.3     (h) Field Broadcast production in Odessa, 21 – 25 June, 2016, 14 participants

1.  IDPs from Donbas told id it is easy for disabled to start a new life, by Iryna Shevchuk for “Chernivetskyi Promin” TV Station, 5.5 min., 5 Jul, 2016

2.  IDPs integration in Odessa, by Iryna Klimenko, for OTB (starting from the 11###sup/sup### minute), in total 3.00 min., 29 June

3.  To Overcome Everything, by Luydmyla Koval for Podillya Centre, 5 July, 2016

4.  What worries the IDPs in Odessa most? By Mariya Lukey for Zakarpattya, Tysa-1 TV , 4 Jul, 2016

5.  Taxi for People with Special Needs, by Oleg Maglyovanyi for Cherkasy-Today,, 1 July, 2016

6.  Displaced People’ Problems with Accommodation, by Anatolii Poryad’ko for Kolokol Daily, 30 Jun., 2016

7.  Children shouldn’t witness war, by Victoriia Talashkevych for Kirovohrad office of National TV Company of Ukraine, 5 Jul, 2016

8.  Integration of IDPs in Odessa by Yuliia Babak for “TTV Broadcasting Station”, 4 Jul, 2016

9.  Challenges and hopes of IDPs in Odessa, by Marharyta Stronska for “Lviv Broadcasting Company” (starting from the 35###sup/sup### minute), in total 3.10 min., 25 Jul, 2016

10.   New life for kids & adults IDPs in Odessa region, by Oksana Kanovets for Channel 51: Dnipropetrovsk office of National TV Cmpany of Ukraine, 4.38 min., 1 July 2016

11.   Life during war, by Oksana Kanovets for Channel 51: Dnipropetrovsk office of National TV Cmpany of Ukraine, 25.22 min., 1 July 2016

12.   New challenges and hopes for IDPs in South Ukraine, by Victoriia Kotova for Kharkiv office of National TV Company of Ukraine, 3.39 min., 1 July 2016

13.   New challenges and hopes for IDPs in South Ukraine, by Victoriia Kotova for Kharkiv office of National TV Company of Ukraine, 3.39 min., 4 July 2016

14.   Striking situation with hostel for IDPs in Odessa, by Nataliia Merkulova for Kharkiv office of National TV Company of Ukraine, 4.05 min., 7 July 2016

15.   Protesting camp of IDPs – near the Odessa Rregional Administration, by Anna Artiukh for “Novomedia”, 2.30 min., 7 July 2016

16.   Success stories of IDPs in Odessa, by Iryna Shatalova for “Pereselenets – TV-online channel, 5.08 min., 3 July 2016

17.   Getting work – is the worst problem for IDPs, by Marharyta Stronska for Lviv Broadcasting Company, 4.05 min., 7 July 2016


1.1.3     (a) Print workshop in Vinnytsia (7-11 Dec), 12 participants

1.       Crimean Tatars in Podillya Region, Olesya Markityan (Mikhieieva), Kherson Fakty, 16 Dec. 2015

2.       Life of Crimean Tatars away from home: Women perspective, Yuliya Kovpak, Novosti Mira, 18 Dec. 2015

3.      “Our own” and “Others”: how to destroy the wall of misunderstanding between people from one country, Alexandr Kulbaka, Slovyanskiye Visti, 17 Dec., #53 (15258), 2015 (print)

4.      IDPs from Donbass master their skills in Western Ukraine, Marina Pukhir, Znamya Industrii, 16 May, 2016

5.      Znamya Industrii visited the exiled Donetsk University in Vinnytsia, Marina Pukhir, Znamya Industrii, 19 Dec. 2015

6.      Far away study: Where IDP-students go to University?, Arthur Prihno, Long-Read platform, 10 Dec., 2015.

7.      Mom, will I ever forget the war? Little IDPs stories,  Arthur Prihno, Long-Read platform, 11 Dec. 2015

8.      We are not IDPs Anymore, Vitaliy Andronik, The Day, 24 Dec., 2015

9.      Be kind to IDPs, Yulia Mischenko, Nash Krai, Lypova Dolyna, Sumy, 25 Dec., 2015

10.    How Ukraine changes IDPs perceptions of the country, Irina Shevchenko Depo, 26 Dec. 2015

11.    Displaced: Is it worth waiting until someone solves your problems? By Daria Poddubetska, Bug.org.ua, 28 Dec., 2015


1.1.3   (b) Print Production Session in Odessa, 14 - 18 December, 2015, 12 participants

1.    Crimean Triptych, Margarita Rivchachenko, Krapka.org, 24 Dec., 2015

2.    More than love, Irina Kadchenko, Vecherniy Dnepr, 29 Dec., 2015

3.    Family from Luhansk, after fleeing the war they remain strong and help other IDPs in Odesa, Poltava News, 25 Dec.

4.    Clonned in Odesa, Olena Liposhko, Vestnik Kremenchuga, 19 Dec., 2015


1.1.3    (c) Print production session, Lviv, 23 – 27 May, 2016

IDPs fate in Ukraine, by Alisa Pasko, Nashe Vremya, 11 June, 2016.


1.1.3   (d) Field print production session, Poltava, 30 May – 3 June, 2016

How Donetsk people came to power in Poltava. Poltava Depo, Olena Mitsevych, 29 Jun., 2016


1.1.3   (e) Radio production workshop in Kharkiv, 11 – 15 July, 10 participants

10 Radio news packages produced, broadcast by participants, promoted on social media and stored here.


1.1.3  (f) Online production workshop in Zaporizhzhia, 18 – 22 July, 13 participants

1.    Assistance for the Displaced in Zaporizhzhia: experience exchange, Akula Portal, Viktoria Rumyantseva, 18 Aug, 2016

2.    Binding: Women Version, Kirovograd24, Iryna Tkacheno, 10 August, 2016

3.    At the crossroads, Cherkasy Today by Liliya Lomakina, 27 July, 2016

4.    Modules didn’t match. Women ZP, Marichka Kantseleryst, 25 Jul, 2016

5.    The Seriousness of Dolls with Funny Faces by Igor Korovin, Obrii Izumschyny newspaper, Izum, Kharkiv region 

6.    Big ideas for small towns  by Iryna Tkachenko, 24 News website, Kirovograd

7.    Renovated dormitory, but still empty by Anastasiya Shevchenko, Zaporizhzhia Pravda newspaper, Zaporizhzhia, 26 Jul. 2016

8.    IDIOCRACY: Accommodation for displaced -  dashed hopes for the state assistance by Hrygoriy Kulbaka, Visti newspaper, Slovyansk, Donetsk region (comparison of housing solutions for IDPs in Slovyansk, Novomykolayivka and Zaporizhzhia)

9.    At the crossroads by Anna Ishechkina, Cherkasy Today online news, Cherkasy, 27 Jul., 2016

  1. Abandoned elderly by Bohdana Komarnytska, Briz online news, Ivano-Frankivsk
  2. Horse in the fog by Tetyana Kotashevska, Maximum News portal, 25 Jul. 2016
  3. Two parallel realities of one city by Iryna Shatalova, Online Channel Displaced,  Kyiv
  4. Caritas. Zaporizhzhia. Story of Reinforcement by Victoria Salogub, Grechka news portal, Kirovograd
  5. Story of (no)opportunities: in search of a job by Dariya Hots, Radio Misto nad Bugom, Vinnytsia.

2.1.3    (a ) Inter-regional mentoring session, 14 – 16 March in Lviv (co-authored articles)

1.    Оne grief for many fates, Lvivska Poshta,  by Nataliya Ryabtseva, Olena Petryshyn, Iryna Fedolyak, 19 Mar., 2016

2.    One grief for many fates, Krapka portal

http://krapka.org/2016/03/21/одне-горе-різні-долі/ (temporally unavailable) by Nataliya Rybtseva, Olena Petryshyn, Iryna Fedolyak, 20 Mar., 2016.

3.    Kateryna Ptakha – IDP from Luhansk who lives with her son in Lviv, Lubov Burlaka, Dnipro TRK region, 21 March, 2016

4.    IDP in Halychyna: anticipation vs reality, Varianty.Lviv, Nataliya Antonyshyn, 21 Mar, 2016.

5.    Fate shaped by grief, Halytskyi Correspondent, Iryna Fedolyak, 21 Mar, 2016

6.    Until the thugs will lose their power, we are not going to return, Lvivska Poshta, Olena Petryshyn, 2 April, 2016

7.    A Chance to Start New Life, Lvivska Poshta, Yuliya Shmatchenko (Kharkiv), Olena Petryshyn (Lviv), 29 Mar., 2016


2.1.3     (b) Inter-regional mentoring session, 18 – 20 March in Kharkiv

1.    People under suspicion: eligibility of dozens of thousands of displaced  for benefits is questioned by the authority, Procherk, Maksym Stepanov, 28 Mar., 2016

2.    Aliens, Foreigners, Displaced, Ukraina Tsentr, Victoria Talashekyvych (Kirovograd), Anastasiya Belozor (Kharkiv), Illya Safron (Sumy), 29 Mar., 2016


2.1.3     (c)  Poltava, inter-regional session

1.    How your life stance defines the circumstances you are in, or what problems IDPs have to face, by Larysa Kachanovska, Novyny Po-Rivnensky, 7 June, 2016

2.    Ekaterina Kolmykova, IDP from Donetsk became member of village council in Poltava region, Delovoy Slovyansk, 3 June 2016.

3.    How Gogol would write about IDPs, NewsMax, Tetyana Kotashevska, 4 June

4.    Why IDPs don’t want to live in a village? By Daryna Nychkalo, Ostroh.info,  14 June 2016

5.    Fates of IDPs by Alisa Pasko, Nasha Versiya, 11 June, 2016 (Lviv print workshop).


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