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Now I work as a political correspondent in the daily Ukrainian newspaper «Segodnya» and website Segodnya.ua:
- regular monitoring of actual news;
- planning of writing analytical articles and materials on several future editions of the newspaper;
- processing and comparison new legislation with existing laws, writing analytical articles, materials and blogs using professional experts opinion, comments of law authors and international analysts;
- during Constitutional reform in Ukraine I wrote dozens analytical articles, comparisons legislative changes, made interviews with the judges of the Constitutional Court, members of the Constitutional Commission, MPs, experts;
- during Judicial, electoral and anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine I also wrote dozens analytical articles about Constitutional and law changes in this area;
- searching for new contacts of experts and analysts with experience in implementation reforms and innovations in the West;
- regular business trips for participation in international investment forums and with Ukrainian authorities;
- searching for new contacts of experts and speakers, preparation of interviews;
- setting up a transparent and effective work of a press-center «Segodnya Multimedia»: planning and organizing round tables, press-conferences and briefings.

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